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A6 Matt Photography is vision of your surroundings.. In our life, there is no pause button, no rewind and definitely no replay...Pictures are there to remind us about our valuable moments.. A6 Matt Photography is a mirror of this beautiful earth.. Behind of every "AMP" have a story to tell the world...


The seven principles of art and design in photography; balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement, form the foundation of visual arts.


Philosophy in Photography is about finding appreciation in the small things in life. Photography is about walking slower, looking at things, and finding beauty in the ordinary and mundane. Photography is a meditation on life and death.


That's where psychology comes, the uniqueness of a photograph can evoke feelings, such as anxiety, fear, familiarity, comfort or reverence depending on the subject and object matter. Photography can have the effect of reflecting the soul and thoughts of the person photographing and photographed.


Display Of Emotion

As human beings, we are drawn to emotion. Images that capture genuine displays of emotion often prove timeless, and these meaningful moments will always capture the audience’s attention.

Simple Storytelling

Some of the greatest images simply tell a story. Rather than relying on great composition or featuring other unique characteristics, they instead focus on storytelling.

Unique Perspective

Instead of shooting a child from an adult’s perspective, why not get down low and shoot them from the child’s perspective. Very low bottom-up and higher top-down can often create a much more unique and interesting image.

Healing Power

For me, photography has a deeply spiritual aspect. One of the things I find fascinating about photography is the Healing Power of Photography

Attention To Detail

While pictures of unique and unseen detail are amazing and breathtaking, you can often get the same reaction out of your audience by simply shooting the detail in everyday life.

Iconic Moments

When capturing an iconic moment, you are capturing a moment created or modeled after meaningful moments in pop culture and/or history.

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